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Directions, Transit, Parking, & Lodging

We’re glad that you’ll be visiting CSE!

This page provides information about traveling to Ann Arbor and CSE, getting around campus and town, parking, and searching out lodging. We also have information on how to arrange for a student visit and things to do in Ann Arbor and throughout the region.

Driving directions

Many visitors arrive from Detroit Metro Airport, which is a drive of about 30 to 45 minutes from CSE. The map on this page shows that route; you can click on “More options” in order to tweak it for your circumstances or to get more detailed route info.

Campus and building maps

CSE is located on the University of Michigan North Campus in Ann Arbor.

Where to park on campus

All University parking lots and structures require a parking pass or are metered. Enforcement hours vary by lot.

Visitors to CSE (which is housed in the Bob and Betty Beyster Building) will find most convenient parking in lot NC27 (closest to CSE). Addition visitor parking can be found in lots NC26 and NC43, and in other lots as shown on this North Campus Parking Map. North Campus visitor parking is marked in red on the map. Visitors park in numbered spaces and pay at pay booths in the lot.

Additional information about campus transportation and parking can be found on the Logistics, Transportation & Parking website.

Getting around Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor is a highly walkable and bikeable city. Ann Arbor city buses provide good coverage and are often a good option for getting around town. However, it can be best to take a U-M bus when traveling between North and Central campuses. U-M buses run frequently and can be ridden at no cost.

Magic bus: real-time display of U-M bus locations on routes

Where to stay