Grade Policy

For CE, CS-Eng, and DS-Eng:

All College of Engineering Common Requirements (science, engineering, and mathematics courses), CS Major Core, and Technical Electives require a letter grade of C or higher to be considered satisfactory. These requirements cannot be taken Pass/Fail.

NOTE: An unsatisfactory grade in a required course must be repeated earning a grade of C or better. A Technical Elective may be repeated, earning a grade of C or better; or replaced by another course approved by the Chief Program Advisor.

Students have the option to take General Electives and Intellectual Breadth courses P/F, under the following conditions, set by the College of Engineering:

  • A maximum of 14 credit hours can be taken P/F throughout a degree.
  • Courses taken P/F do not count toward a student’s GPA and do not generate honor points.
  • No more than 2 courses per full term can be taken P/F (no more than 1 course for part time students or a half-term semester).
  • The instructor of the course does not know a student has elected the course as P/F and issues grades to students as normal. After grades are submitted, the Registrar’s Office translates P/F grades as follows:
    • A+ through C- = Pass (P)
    • D+ through E = Fail (F)

Please note: Courses considered CoE Common Requirements, ULCS, Flexible Technical Electives*, and Core CSE courses cannot be taken P/F.

*Flexible Technical Electives that are not also EECS restricted courses can be taken as P/F, if a student wishes to count the course as a General Elective. If taken P/F, these courses must count as General Elective, not Flexible Technical Elective.


A C or better is required to get CS-LSA program credit for the courses listed as pre-Major, Major, and all CS program electives. A course with a grade of C- or below must be retaken, or if it is a program technical elective, it can be either retaken or replaced by another allowed elective with a grade of C or better.