Graduate School for Current CSE Undergraduates

There are two options available to CSE undergraduate students wishing to apply for graduate study.

Regular admission

For an EECS undergraduate who seeks a Master’s (but who cannot apply for the SUGS program below) or PhD degree (PhD students can earn a Master’s degree in the course of their PhD studies).

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SUGS program

For questions regarding the SUGS program, please contact the CSE Graduate Programs Office at

Looking to apply to the CSE SUGS Program? 

Undergraduate students studying Computer Science-LSA or Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Data Science, or a minor in Computer Science are eligible to apply to the CSE SUGS program. SUGS offers an accelerated Master’s Program where students can complete their Master’s degree in one additional year following the completion of their Bachelor’s degree. 

CSE SUGS students can bring in a maximum of 15 credits into Rackham. 

  • Students can double count up to 9 credits of technical or free elective BSE requirements. Double counted credits can only come from graduate level courses that may be used towards a CSE master’s degree and may not be divided/split up in any way. Approved courses may be found here and are listed under “Approved for Cognate by CSE” or “CSE Course Graduate Level.”
  • Students can transfer up to 6 credits into the Rackham graduate degree. These transfer credits cannot be used for any portion of the undergraduate degree.

Prerequisite Requirements to Apply: 

  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher at the time of application submission. 
  • Must maintain that GPA through the completion of the undergraduate degree. 
  • Must have completed EECS 281 and EECS 270 or EECS 370 with a grade of B+ or better by the application deadline. 
  • Must have taken at least four EECS courses from 370, 376, or any ULCS Elective or Flexible CS Technical Elective at the 300-level or above by the end of the first semester of the senior year – in all such classes, a grade of B+ or better must be earned.
  • Must only earn one Bachelor’s degree. 
    • Please note: Engineering students, SJTU-JI, and MDDP students with dual majors are not eligible for SUGS. However, LSA double majors can apply for SUGS. 


  • As students head into their junior year, they may wish to meet with a CSE Graduate Programs Office staff member in 3909 Beyster to discuss their plan for double-counted courses. Or, an email may be sent to with any questions.  
  • Mid-senior year, students should apply for admission to the graduate program by submitting: 
    • Rackham Graduate Application
    • Three letters of recommendation (at least one letter must come from a core CSE faculty member)
    • A personal statement
    • A statement of purpose
    • An unofficial copy of your transcript
    • Completed plan of study (including courses to be double counted) 
  • To begin SUGS in the Fall term, the deadline is January 15th 
  • To begin SUGS in the Winter term, the deadline is the previous October 1st (and an email must be sent to requesting Winter admission, since students are able to apply to the Fall term only) 

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