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Internship Guidelines and Procedures

If you are a graduate student and are considering participating in an internship, it is important that you understand that the following CSE Internship Guidelines and Procedures apply. These guidelines are based on U-M policy and federal law, and were developed to ensure that students on an internship have appropriate financial support and to avoid issues with funding, insurance and/or immigration policies.

After receiving approval from your faculty advisor to undergo an internship, you must fill out the CSE Internship Notification Form and also send an email notification to at least two months prior to the start of your internship.  Please see below for additional and more specific guidelines.

CSE internship guidelines

NOTE: For your reference, the below information can also be viewed in the PDF flow charts on this page.

All students

  • Student must be in good academic standing and not on financial aid probation or academic probation.  Student must be making satisfactory progress towards their degree.
  • It is the responsibility of the student and their advisor to determine how tuition, insurance premiums, and any potential stipend will be paid before the internship begins.  
  • Student Financial Assistance Requests from the College of Engineering may be available to provide tuition support to students who are within their funding guarantee.  If you would like to learn if/how you are eligible for this, please contact  Please note that this funding is extremely limited and not all requests are approved.

Domestic students

Domestic students have no limit to the number of internships they can participate in during the Spring/Summer term; however, they must have permission from their research advisor.  Internships should not be taken during the first summer. If a domestic student participates in an internship during a Fall or Winter term, then tuition must be paid for that term — by either the internship employer or the student’s advisor (note: Rackham does not approve personal leaves of absence for internship purposes and only one personal leave may be granted during your time as a CSE PhD student).

International students

  • All international students participating in an internship withinthe United States must register for CPT (pdf).  International students participating in an internship outsideof the United States do not need to register for CPT. Students should always discuss their plans with an advisor at the U-M International Center so as to ensure immigration compliance.
  • International students participating in an internship during the Fall or Winter term must register for a CPT course during that same term, and tuition for that term must be paid.  If the internship is in Spring/Summer, they must register for CPT retroactively for the previous Winter term.  If an international student takes back-to-back internships in both the Winter and Spring/Summer terms, they must register for Spring/Summer and tuition for that semester must be paid.  CPT information can be found here (pdf).  Please direct all CPT-related questions to
  • International students must either provide proof of comparable insurance coverage to the international center for Aetna coverage, have their insurance paid for by their advisor, OR pay the resulting international health insurance fees themselves.