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Mentor students or fellow alumni

Photo by Robert Coelius/Michigan Engineering Multimedia Content Producer, University of Michigan @UMengineering
Photo by Robert Coelius/Michigan Engineering Multimedia Content Producer, University of Michigan @UMengineering

The CSE Mentorship Program is a user-friendly online platform aimed at fostering substantial mentorship connections for the global U-M Computer Science and Engineering community. Alumni from all graduation years, academic programs, and schools can volunteer as mentors: congruently, students pursuing degrees are encouraged to join as mentees. Mentor-mentee relationships offer valuable guidance and direction to students as they progress through their educational journeys, contemplate professional careers, or consider further education.

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Benefits for students:

30-minute Mentoring

Undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD students are paired with CSE alumni using the criteria you provide for scheduled mentoring session events. These events are virtual. CSE events take place once per term each year. If you’d like to sign up for one or more of these events please indicate your interest when creating your alumni profile in the CSE mentoring portal.

How it works:

30-minute mentoring sessions are one-day events held once per semester.

Notification for interested alumni availability for upcoming sessions will be requested in advance via email. Confirm your ability to participate and the amount of hours you can commit.

A registration call will be sent to all CSE students two weeks prior to claim a 30-minute mentoring block.

On the day of the event, you need to be available for the students who have claimed your time.

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Long-term mentoring

CSE currently offers mentoring opportunities to alumni who are interested in a longer commitment to a student, group of students, or fellow alumni. Long-term mentoring allows for deeper connections and ongoing relationships. We encourage alumni to participate from wherever they are, in person or virtually, to keep connected with our community and help mold the next generation.

Semester-long Master’s student mentoring

Connecting Master’s students with mentors who have a background in computer science helps the students navigate school and prepare for their careers. The goal is to create a two-way relationship, where both mentors and mentees have valuable roles to play in creating a successful mentoring experience.

How if works:

Over the course of a semester, mentors meet in person or via zoom with a small group of up to 4 students on bi-monthly basis depending on the mentor’s availability.

Mentor’s should encourage mentees to identify specific short and long-term goals and support them in achieving these goals.

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Michigan AI Lab Mentorship Program

The Michigan AI Lab mentorship program connects current Michigan AI PhD students with alumni who have graduated from the Michigan AI PhD program and also aims to help our alumni connect with each other.

How it works:

Choose to mentor current students or fellow alumni

Minimum 1 year commitment

Not limited to 1 mentor/mentee match

Check in regularly. Aim to meet at least 2-3 times per term, but you are not limited to that time.

Help mentees set goals and guide them to develop confidence and ease, and encourage them to achieve them successfully. 

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