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Expanding what it means to be a computer scientist

We are an intellectual community that values diversity, interdisciplinary teamwork, entrepreneurial thinking, and inventiveness.

We continually strive to build a more inclusive and supportive environment that welcomes people from all backgrounds and identities into this exciting discipline. Join us in making this a community where we lift each other up.

If you have any concerns you want to report to the department please let us know using one of the options explained on our Reporting Concerns and Misconduct page.

Resources to Promote Inclusion

Programs, groups, and opportunities to help you get involved with computing, whether you’re brand new to the field or pursuing a PhD.

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Student Groups and Teams

Extracurricular programs available through the department, college, and university.

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DEI and Climate Initiatives

A site dedicated to providing a free flow of information regarding actions being taken within the CSE Division at the University of Michigan to improve climate, inclusivity, and student experiences.
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