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Addressing challenges in real-time perception processing for automated driving

Shige WangStaff ResearcherGlobal Research & Development, General Motors Corporation
1003 EECS BuildingMap

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Automated driving vehicles will play a key role for future transportation. Despite significant advancement of automated driving related technologies in recent years, some major technical challenges remain to be addressed and require fundamental research. One key challenge is the real-time processing of data for perception, especially those using advanced AI techniques. In this talk, we will discuss some major issues facing in practices when implementing real-time perception systems and some research concepts to address them.

Dr. Shige Wang is a Staff Researcher at GM Global R&D. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. After joining GM R&D, he has led several research projects on software architecture and system scheduling for multicore controllers in powertrain and active safety applications. His current research is on architecture and parallel processing for advanced perception systems for automated driving.


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Faculty Host

Kang ShinProfessorEECS - CSE Division