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ARTS: Available, Robust and Trustworthy Software

Professor Yuanyuan Zhou

Associate Professor Zhou is from the University of Illinois, Urbana
As computers have been widely used in almost every aspect of our daily
life, the issues related to computer system dependability is becoming
increasingly important. Unfortunately, software errors significantly
affect system reliability and availability. In this talk, I will present
our recent research from our ARTS project that addresses software error
detection, diagnosis and recovery in a synergistic way. Our error
detection techniques include both static checking by automatically
mining source code for specification and violations, and efficient
dynamic monitoring by exploring simple, general and novel hardware
support. Our software failure recovery approach is based on an
innovative, generic and non-intrusive bug avoidance therapy that can
recover from a variety of common software failures, including both
deterministic and non-deterministic ones. Our online diagnosis solution
provides automatic online error analysis during production runs on
customers' machines to make programmers' off-line debugging more
efficient and effective without requiring customers' private execution
traces or core dump information.

Yuanyuan Zhou is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer
Science at Univ of Illinois at Urbana Champaign since 2002. Prior to
UIUC, she worked at NEC Research Institute as a scientist after
completing her Ph.D at Princeton in 2000. Her research interests span
the areas of operating systems, architecture, storage systems and
software reliability.
She was the recipient for the NSF Career-2004 award, the CRA-W
Anita-Borg Early Career Award 2005, the DOE Early Career Principle
Investigator Award 2005, the IBM Faculty Award 2004 & 2005, and the IBM
SUR-2003 award. Two of her papers were among the 14 papers selected
into the IEEE Micro Special Issue on Top Picks from architecture
conferences of 2004. Recently, one of her SOSP papers was selected for
fast forwarding to ACM Transactions on Computer Systems Special Issue on
Best Papers from SOSP 2005. She was also selected into the "incomplete
List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent by Their Students" in 2003 at UIUC.

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