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Barracuda Networks Programming Competition


Think you're a great programmer? Are you top in the school? Here is your chance to find out *and* win a great cash prize!

Barracuda Networks, the leader in content security, application delivery and data protection, is sponsoring a 24-hour programming competition complete with a chance to win some serious cash.

Barracuda Networks, with its downtown Ann Arbor engineering hub, is pleased to host its inaugural programming competition for University of Michigan students. The contest will pit teams against one another in a game playing programming contest:

  • Each team will need to write an intelligent bot that plays a game against all the other teams.
  • A live leader board will show how each team is doing throughout the contest.
  • After 20 hours of competition (all the while improving your algorithm), all teams will fight it out in a three-hour final tournament to determine the winners.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded immediately after.

Cash Prizes:

Grand Prize $3,141.59
Second Prize $1,414.21
Third Prize $602.21

You can run solo as your own team and take home the whole grand prize or buddy up with up to three other students to create your unbeatable force. Grab a friend, register today and show off your skills!

Participation is limited, so go to www.barracuda.com/um_programming_contest and sign up today!

Sponsored by

Barracuda Networks