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Bridging Computer Science and Behavioral Science: Research Examples

Joseph A. Konstan, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, Univ. of Minnesota

As computers and the Internet become tools and "places" for social
interaction, computer scientists and behavioral scientists can work
together to explore the social and behavioral aspects of this new
environment. In this brief talk, I will discuss two projects: one that
is exploring how to induce people to participate in on-line communities
(based on theories of collective action), and another that is exploring
on-line sexual behavior with the intent of helping prevent HIV and AIDS.
Joseph A. Konstan is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
at the University of Minnesota . His research addresses a variety of
human-computer interaction issues related to filtering, comprehending,
organizing, and automating large and complex data sets. He is probably
best known for his work in collaborative filtering (the GroupLens
recommender system), multimedia authoring, technology applications in
health care, and research on on-line community.

Dr. Konstan received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley
in 1993. He is an ACM Distinguished Lecturer and IEEE Distinguished
Visitor. He serves as President of ACM SIGCHI , the premier international
professional society for Human-Computer Interaction.

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