CSE Seminar

Computer Science Education Week



Computer Science for the Greater Good: Come to see how seniors in EECS 481 have used technology to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Featured projects will harness the power of IBM's famous Watson computer, wearable tech, and a giant sculpture that allows for interaction by an autistic child. Wednesday, Dec. 10, 12-1pm, Tishman Hall.

Computer Games Showcase: Come to see, play and vote for your favorite video games built by seniors in EECS 494, Computer Game Design and Development. Friday, Dec. 12 from 7:00 "“ 9:00 pm Tishman Hall and 1670 Beyster Building

Photo Contest: We'd like you to capture this week in photos. Take your best picture of life at CSE and email it with a short description to [email protected]. Photos will be posted to our website, and a prize will go to the best photo. Monday, Dec. 8 at 8:00 am "“ Friday, Dec. 12 at Noon. Winners announced Friday afternoon.

Learn About Michigan Hackers: Michigan Hackers exists to foster a community of individuals who solve problems through the innovative use of technology. Michigan Hackers will have an info table in Tishman Hall. Learn more about the group and how you can participate in MHacks, the world's most famous hackathon.
Thursday, Dec. 11 from 2:00 "“ 4:00 pm in Tishman Hall

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