Computer Engineering Seminar

Cyber-Physical Systems at Small and Large Scales

Marilyn WolfRhesa "ray" S. Farmer Distinguished Chair of Embedded Computing Systems and Georgia ResearchGeorgia Tech

Although we have used computers to control physical systems for more than a half century, we still have surprisingly little understanding of the fundamentals governing cyber-physical systems. An important goal of the field is to develop a unified theory of control and computation. This talk will start with a brief overview of the state of CPS and some important challenges. We will then discuss recent results at both small and large scales. At a small scale, we developed with Fumin Zhang et al. an analysis of the relationship between controllability and schedulability. We analyze a controller than uses multiple processes to control a set of stick balancers and determine the conditions under which the control tasks can be scheduled such that all the sticks remain stable. At a large scale, we will discuss work with Santiago Grivalga et al. smart energy grids and service-oriented architecture for control. Traditional service-oriented architectures allow scaling of distributed services but are not designed to support deadlines and quality of service requirements. We propose enhanced service-oriented architectures that support the demands of distributed real-time control.

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Trevor Mudge