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Developing with Mac OS X Leopard: The Power of UNIX. The innovation of Macintosh

Dr. Steve HaymanApple's Consulting Engineer

Join Steve as he talks about software development on the Mac with Apple's Xcode tool suite. We'll look at building applications with Xcode and Interface Builder; the role of scripting languages including Applescript, Ruby and Python alongside C and Objective-C; reusing objects from Apple's Cocoa, WebKit and ImageKit frameworks; nifty higher level tools including Automator, for workflow design, and the groundbreaking Quartz Composer graphic development environment; and if Steve messes up, we may see some brief usage of the debugger as well.

Steve Hayman is a National Consulting Engineer for Apple's US Education Sales group, based, oddly enough, in Toronto. After graduating from Waterloo with an M.Math in 1986, he earned his hacker credentials as a Unix network manager for UW and Indiana University; at the latter institution he became the first, and perhaps the last, private individual in the entire state of Indiana to purchase a NeXT cube. Steve joined NeXT Computer in 1991, attracted by NeXT's blend of a powerful Unix core with a great graphical interface. You can imagine his delight as Apple acquired NeXT and the NEXTSTEP operating system evolved into Mac OS X. A frequent speaker at Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference, he's currently a field resource for Apple on the topics of Unix, the Mac OS X developer tools and the Cocoa, AppleScript Studio and WebObjects developer environments. In his spare time Steve directs Argonotes, the Toronto Argonauts Band, which he thinks is the finest band in the Canadian Football League.

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