CSE Seminar

Embedded System Design Techniques and Run-Time Systems for Use in Sensing and Secure Communication by Computer Amateurs

Robert DickAssoc. Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceUniversity of Michigan

Languages, compilers, design automation tools, network protocols,
and run-time systems can be used to enable computer
system amateurs to design and/or use embedded sensing and
communication systems. This talk will survey work on sensor
network design automation, distributed real-time air quality
sensing, personal localization, power consumption analysis,
and a communication system designed to support censorship,
jamming, and traffic analysis resistant communication among
family members and friends.
Robert Dick is interested in embedded system design and runtime
management techniques that consider variable and nonideal
physical operating environments. He is also interested in
designing embedded systems to optimize the first-order quality
metrics of their users.

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