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Friday Night AI | Faster than COVID: Can AI Predict a Disease’s Next Move?

Jenna WiensAssociate ProfessorU-M CSE, Michigan AIKarandeep SinghAssistant Professor Michigan Medicine

Where: Zoom webinar with live streaming on the AADL YouTube channel

Over the past two years, we have witnessed how the spread of a virus can result in a world-wide pandemic, and how rapid mutations of the virus can lead to periodical spikes and challenge even the most advanced healthcare systems. While hopes are now high that the pandemic will slow down, what have we learned on how AI can help us predict a disease’s next move?

Join us to learn more about a computational model now in use at Michigan Medicine that can help clinicians anticipate fast-changing patient needs. Called M-CURES and developed by a team of computer science, industrial operations and engineering and health care researchers, the model uses a machine-learning algorithm to predict which patients are at greatest risk of developing severe illness. Internal and external validation of M-CURES has shown it to be effective in predicting the progression of the disease across 12+ hospital centers and patient subgroups.

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