Theory Seminar

Hypergraph k-cut for fixed k in deterministic polynomial time

Karthik ChandrasekaranAssistant ProfessorUIUC

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In the hypergraph k-cut problem, the input is a hypergraph along with a fixed constant k and the goal is to find a smallest subset of hyperedges whose removal ensures that the remaining hypergraph has at least k connected components. The graph k-cut problem is solvable in polynomial time (Goldschmidt and Hochbaum, 1994) while the complexity of the hypergraph k-cut problem was open. In this talk, I will present the first deterministic polynomial-time algorithm to solve the hypergraph k-cut problem. Our algorithm relies on novel structural results that provide new insights even for the graph k-cut problem.

Based on joint work with Chandra Chekuri.


Euiwoong Lee


Greg Bodwin