Faculty Candidate Seminar

Introduction to Random Variables

Kim Khalsa DiazLecturer IUniversity of Michigan

CSE Lecturer Candidate
In this interactive lecture, we will use games of chance to explore important topics in discrete probability, including Bernoulli trials, the binomial distribution, and random variables. Attendees will be active participants in the derivation of the binomial distribution and in determining the expected value of a random variable. They will get practice through a variety of examples from a simple coin toss to maximizing winnings on the TV game show "The Price is Right." This lesson is a variation on a lesson given in EECS 203, an introductory course in Discrete Mathematics for undergraduate CS students.
Kim Diaz is an intermittent lecturer in the EECS department at the University of Michigan. She received her PhD from U of M in 2011, studying image reconstruction for dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Jeff Fessler. She has taught at Concordia University as well as at U of M. She has experience as a primary instructor for EECS 203 and EECS 351, as well as for courses in linear algebra, calculus, and modern algebra, among others. She enjoys engaging students in class through inquiry-based learning, active discussion, and paired learning opportunities.

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