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Microfluidics Workshop

Dr. Rohit Karnik, Dr. Kalyan Handique, etc.see website for detailshttp://lnf.umich.edu/2014/01/16/microfluidics-workshop/

The Lurie Nanofabrication Facility (LNF), in association with the Microfluidics Biomedical Sciences Training Program (MBSTP), will be hosting a workshop on microfluidics March 6th. The workshop will consist of classroom seminars, guest lectures, and hands-on experiences. While all talks are free, there will be a fee for the hands-on part of the workshop (General public: $250 -and- Academic researchers/students: $150. Advanced registration will be required for the hands-on experience. GO TO THE WEBSITE TO REGISTER. The workshop is open to everyone and no fabrication experience is required. Space is limited, so register early!
Topics Include:
Microfluidics, BioMEMS, Controlling microflows (laminar vs. turbulent), Computer simulation and modeling of microfluidic systems, and Leveraging next-generation capabilities at the LNF for your design.
Parts include:
Introduction to Microfluidics: Design and Fabrication, Direct Separation and Analysis of Cells Mediated by Transient Molecular Interactions in Microfluidic Devices, Lessons learnt from commercialization of microfluidic devices. The afternoon will feature a registration-required Hands-On Workshop.

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