CSE Seminar

New Directions in Computer Architecture Faculty Seminar Series

Trevor Mudge

In recent years things have changed for computer architects. Although Moore's Law is continuing, and probably will for the next decade: 1) power consumption in integrated circuits has become a limitation; and 2) space taken by the chips themselves has become critical. In this talk we will explain these limits in more detail and their causes. We will overview our research to architect systems in light of these limitations. Specifically we will focus on our work in low energy DSPs and low-power compact servers.
Trevor Mudge received a Ph.D. in Computer Science
from the University of Illinois. Since then he has been at the University of Michigan. He was named the Bredt Professor of
Engineering after a ten year term as Director of the Advanced Computer Architecture Laboratory–a group of ten
faculty and about 70 graduate students. He is author of numerous papers on computer architecture, programming languages, VLSI design, and computer vision. He has also supervised 40 theses in these areas. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, a member of the ACM, the IET, and the British Computer Society.

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