Systems Seminar - CSE

Really Catching Click-Fraud

Saikat GuhaResearcherMicrosoft Research, India

Click-fraud in online advertising siphons several tens of millions of dollars
from the online advertising ecosystem. In this talk, I'll talk about our in-depth
investigations into one of the most common ways of committing online
advertising click-fraud. I'll focus primarily on the techniques and parties
involved, their incentives, points of vulnerability, and how these vulnerabilities
can be exploited to get them to stop. This talk will not be recorded for reasons
that will become apparent during the talk.
Saikat Guha is a researcher at Microsoft Research in India. He is broadly interested in advertising systems and privacy systems. Saikat received his PhD from Cornell University in 2009. He authored the RFC that now serves as the best-practice for building TCP support in NATs and firewalls. In 2012, he was named one of MIT Technology Review's TR-35 (35 young innovators under 35). Saikat is always looking to help PhD students who need data to achieve their world-domination goals.

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