Faculty Candidate Seminar

Robots that Cover, Climb, and SLAM!

Prof. Howie Choset

Professor Choset is a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon University
My group's education and research interests straddle the border
between computational theory and mechatronic engineering
implementation: rigorous mathematical results enable engineering
advancements while the practical aspects of implementation drive
theoretical derivation. Our research program centers on two foci:
highly articulated systems and coverage tasks. These foci touch upon a
number of fundamentals in robotics including: topological methods,
design, mapping, and hybrid controls. This work is directly tied into
urban search and rescue, de-mining, auto-body painting, inspection of
space structures, and medical surgery. Recent work inlcudes developing
the underlying theory to understand mechanics of locomotion. Finally,
this talk will cover my education activities with a particular
emphasis on an undergraduate LEGO-robotics course I designed and teach.

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