Computer Engineering Seminar

Scalable Montgomery Multipliers for Cryptography Accelerators

David Money HarrisAssociate ProfessorHarvey Mudd College

Public key cryptosystems such as RSA and ECC involve repeated modular multiplications of large numbers. The division step of a modular multiplication is costly. Montgomery multipliers transform the numbers such that the division becomes a simple right shift. Scalable Montgomery multipliers repeatedly cycle data through an array of fixed-width processing elements to operate on arbitrarily large word sizes. This talk provides a tutorial on Montgomery multiplication and a survey of scalable implementations.
David Money Harris is an Associate Professor of Engineering at Harvey Mudd College. He is the author of CMOS VLSI Design, Logical Effort, and various other textbooks. David received his Ph.D. from Stanford University and his M. Eng. and S.B. degrees from MIT. In his free time, David loves hiking with his sons, Abraham and Samuel.

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