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Shannon Centennial Symposium


Invited speakers:
Robert Calderbank, Charles S. Sydnor Professor of Computer Science, Duke University

Emmanuel Candes, Barnum-Simons Chair in Mathematics and Statistics, Stanford University

Abbas El Gamal, Hitachi America Professor and Fortinet Founders Chair, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

Michelle Effros, George Van Osdol Professor of Electrical Engineering, Caltech

Claude E. Shannon
(1916 "“ 2001)
Father of Information Theory

In a series of landmark papers
he wrote almost 70 years
ago, Claude Shannon laid
the groundwork for modern
digital communications, data
compression and cryptography.
His work led directly to the
digital revolution that powers
our electronic world, and made
cellphones, email, digital media,
and the Internet possible.

His theory was originally
published as A Mathematical
Theory of Communication.
The next year, he published
Communication Theory of
Secrecy Systems, one of the
most important foundations of
modern cryptography.

Shannon grew up in Gaylord,
MI and graduated from the
University of Michigan in 1936
with bachelor's degrees in
electrical engineering and

Join us as we celebrate the
remarkable accomplishments of
U-M alumnus Claude E. Shannon!

Sponsored by

Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), IEEE Informa