Computer Engineering Seminar

System and Architecture Design for Safe and Reliable Smart Applications

Jishen ZhaoAssistant ProfessorUniversity of California, San Diego

The rapid development of smart technology in the cloud and edge computing systems has paved the way for us to embrace the technology movement of smart homes, autonomous driving, and service robots. To enable the wide adoption of these "smart" applications, reliability is one of fundamental goals of computing system and architecture design. In this talk, I will present our recent exploration of safe and reliable system and architecture design for smart applications. On the cloud server side, I will present an architecture design of enabling undo+redo logging in nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) to support the reliability of server applications. On the edge side, I will discuss safety-aware computing system and architecture design strategies for autonomous vehicles, based on our field study of running real industrial Level-4 autonomous driving fleets. Finally, I will describe a Linux-container-based resource management framework design, which significantly eases the system resource management and reliability support across the cloud and edge sides, such as autonomous vehicles and service robots.
Jishen Zhao is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of California, San Diego. Her research spans and stretches the boundary between computer architecture and system software, with a particular emphasis on memory and storage systems, domain-specific acceleration, and system reliability. Her research is driven by both emerging technologies (e.g., nonvolatile memories, 3D-stacked memory) and modern applications (e.g., smart home and autonomous robotic systems, deep learning, and big-data analytics). Before joining UCSD, she was an Assistant Professor at UC Santa Cruz, and a research scientist at HP Labs before joining UCSC. She is a recipient of NSF CAREER award and a MICRO best paper honorable mention award.

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Assistant Professor Reetu Das