Faculty Candidate Seminar

The Gale-Shapley Algorithm

David StapletonPostdocUniversity of Michigan, Department of Mathematics
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Teaching Faculty Candidate Seminar

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Abstract. How we go about matchmaking in society is important! We desire efficient processes that leave as few people (or things) left out as possible. Matchmaking processes arise when residents match with hospitals, when kidneys are given to patients, when students go to high school, in matching clients with servers, and in finding the right sorority. The Gale-Shapley algorithm is a general process for matching two lists with ranked preferences. In this lecture we will explain the algorithm and discuss why it works. We will highlight some of its deficiencies and discuss real world implementations.

Bio: Dr. Stapleton hails from Minnesota and has a PhD in Algebraic Geometry, a branch of mathematics that explores the geometry of solutions to polynomial equations. He began his graduate studies at UM and finished his doctorate at Stony Brook University, transferring there with his advisor. After four years working at UC San Diego, he joined the Michigan math department as a postdoc. David has a passion for teaching, and has especially enjoyed working with the students at UM. Outside of academia he enjoys cross country skiing, cooking, and playing frisbee with his dog.


Cindy Estell

Faculty Host

Nikhil Bansal