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Teaching Faculty Candidate Seminar–Gina Bai

Gina BaiPh.D. CandidateNorth Carolina State University

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CSE Teaching Faculty Candidate

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“Teaching Quicksort and Testing”

Abstract:  In this teaching demonstration, I will be talking about the quicksort algorithm in a lecture format. This short lecture discusses how the quicksort algorithm works, when it is really “quick” and when it is actually not, as well as what improvements can be made to it. I will also talk about my research on software testing education, during which I will present the barriers and misconceptions that both undergraduate and graduate students face during software testing, and introduce a lightweight checklist intervention to act as a bridge between program requirements and source code.


Bio:  Gina Bai is a PhD candidate in the Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. Her research focuses on software engineering and computer science education. Her work aims to better understand students’ software development and testing practices to help inform educational guidelines that improve software engineering education, in particular software testing education. She is also interested in research areas such as code search and DEI in computing communities.



Cindy Estell

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Atul Prakash