Computer Engineering Seminar

The ARM MPCore multicore technology

Doug Goodacre

Maintaining full ARMv6 architectural compatibility, the ARM11 MPCore introduced ARM's first cache coherent multicore processor capable of full performance scalability across 1 to 4 CPU and includes advanced power management techniques delivering today a solution being designed into many embedded and mobile devices. This talk will overview the ARMv6 architecture, highlighting its support for multiprocessor designs and ease of code portability from other architectures. We'll also cover the additional MPCore technology that was defined to optimize cache coherence multicore processoring and inter-processor communication and as a result, shall also describe the multiple software usage models that are now been exposed by various OS/RTOS vendors for application specific multicore use.

John Goodacre is the Program Manager of Multiprocessing at ARM. John joined ARM in February 2002 taking responsibility for their platform architecture roadmap. More recently he has been responsible for the market development of multiprocessing technology and the release of ARM MPCore(tm) ARM's first integrated SMP core.

Prior to working at ARM, he worked for Microsoft, initially as Group Program Manager in the Exchange Server group and latterly as the manager for its Wireless Telephony group responsible for product, the definitions and strategy of mobile devices.

Graduating from the University of York with a BSc in Computer Science, John has over 20 years experience in the engineering industry.

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