Computer Engineering Seminar

Towards a Watt-Wise Web: Architecting for a Responsive and Energy-Efficient Mobile Web

Vijay Janapa ReddiUniversity of Texas at Austin

Web technologies have transformed the mobile ecosystem. A critical challenge for sustaining the growth of the mobile Web ecosystem is to provide a responsive user environment on a limited power budget. In this talk, I describe how to achieve a high performance and energy-efficient mobile Web substrate by taking a holistic yet integrated approach to optimizing the system stack, spanning the application, runtime, and architecture layers. We can leverage webpage inherent characteristics and the web browser's event-driven execution model to intelligently model, predict, and schedule Web application computations on hardware to improve their energy efficiency. In addition, I present WebCore, a highly customized and specialized general-purpose processor uniquely tailored for Web applications. The talk showcases our initial results, but we have many new ideas under development, and I will describe these briefly to summarize my vision.

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