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Toyota AI Seminar | The RoboCup Standard Platform League: Challenges and Opportunities

Eric ChownAssociate Professor of Computer ScienceBowdoin College

RoboCup is an annual competition modeled on soccer’s World Cup. The
difference is that the competitors are robots. The goal of the
competition is to produce a team that can beat the World Cup champions
by the year 2050. In this talk I will discuss the Standard Platform
League, the only league in RoboCup that features off-the-shelf
hardware. With standard hardware teams in the league must focus on
software issues such as cooperation and coordination of multi-agent
systems. In 2007 a team of undergraduates from Bowdoin College
shocked the robotics world by winning the RoboCup championship. An
analysis of this victory is useful not only in understanding how to
build good robot soccer teams, but has broader implications about AI
research in general as well as for computer science education.

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