Code Blue: News from CSE at Michigan

A new publication from CSE at the University of Michigan, Code Blue highlights high-impact work being done in and beyond the division’s many labs.

Browse issue 1.0 of the magazine below, view featured content on our website, or download a PDF.

What’s inside issue 1.0 of Code Blue

Building a testing-free future

U-M researchers are assembling the puzzle pieces to make formal verification a central stage of software development at every scale. Thanks to a slew of recent findings at CSE, their labs’ work now runs the gamut of leading-edge applications in the field — automating the use of formal verification, making the methods compatible with distributed and parallel systems, and even applying it directly to compiled binary code.

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DNA graphic

Accelerating healthcare

Recent breakthrough developments in technologies for real-time genome sequencing, analysis, and diagnosis are poised to deliver a new standard of personalized care.

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How CS is changing education

CSE faculty are changing educational paradigms: coding in history classes; eBooks to broaden participation in computing; and rolling out digital tools for collaborative K-5 learning.

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Laser attack on Alexa

Hacking reality

Our devices are under attack in sophisticated new ways. U-M security researchers explore hardware’s limits and find sobering vulnerabilities in our computers and homes.

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Tracking internet censorship

Internet censorship is a growing problem, and is not limited to closed societies. Censored Planet shows how even the freest countries are not safe from quietly encroaching interference.

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