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Todd Austin

African research engagement program recognizes third annual cohort

Students in AURA are paired with a faculty mentor for an immersive research experience throughout the summer.

Three researchers earn MICRO Test of Time for groundbreaking timing speculation work

Todd Austin, David Blaauw, Trevor Mudge, and a group of alumni were recognized by ACM MICRO for their landmark 2003 paper.
Network World: June 4, 2021

Experimental Morpheus CPU is ‘mind-bogglingly terrible’ to crack

Cybersecurity researchers have found the Morpheous chip, designed by a U-M team lead by S. Jack Hu Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Todd Austin, to virtually eliminate whole classes of exploits.
Gizmodo: May 21, 2021

Researchers Are Trying to Create an Unhackable Computer Processor

This article highlights the secure processor design developed by a U-M research team led by S. Jack Hu Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Todd Austin. The processor constantly encrypts parts of the machine’s functions to obscure how it works, thus blocking potential hackers from being able to exploit it.
The Conversation: May 20, 2021

Shape-shifting computer chip thwarts an army of hackers

Research led by S. Jack Hu Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Todd Austin have developed Morpheus, a secure new computer processor that recently defeated the attempts of 525 security researchers who tried to hack it.
Detroit News: April 19, 2021

Did UM team build an unhackable computer chip? Nobody has beaten it

The MORPHEUS chip, designed in Prof. Todd Austin’s lab, has survived the tests of hundreds of hackers – it’s still unhackable.
DBusiness Magazine: March 31, 2021

U-M Computer Chip MORPHEUS Defeats 500+ Hackers

MORPHEUS, a computer chip developed by Prof. Todd Austin’s lab, has defeated more than 500 hackers invited by the school to find its vulnerabilities.

CSE researchers win best paper award at HPCA 2021

The paper introduces new hardware and software design principles to improve the performance of several important large-scale irregular workloads.

DARPA pitted 500+ hackers against this computer chip. The chip won.

University of Michigan’s MORPHEUS technology emerges unscathed from bug bounty effort.

Todd Austin earns Test of Time Award for early instruction prefetch breakthrough

The technique turned out to be a significant and long-lasting development for microprocessor design.

Todd Austin Named S. Jack Hu Collegiate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering

Prof. Austin is a creative, outside-the-box thinker who has produced a body of work that has had extraordinary impact in the area of computer architecture.

Visiting students celebrate experiences, projects

Ten students from Ethiopia have completed a new summer-long exchange program in engineering at the University of Michigan.

New chip stops hacks before they start

MORPHEUS can encrypt and reshuffle code thousands of times faster than human and electronic hackers.

Landmark microprocessor reliability paper recognized for enduring impact

Published in 1999, Todd Austin’s paper turned out to be a major contribution to the field, cited over 870 times

Todd Austin recognized for outstanding achievements

Austin is a recognized leader in the area of computer architecture research.

Unhackable computer under development with $3.6M DARPA grant

The researchers say they’re making an unsolvable puzzle: ‘It’s like if you’re solving a Rubik’s Cube and every time you blink, I rearrange it.’

Todd Austin elected IEEE Fellow for contributions to simulation techniques and resilient system design in computer architecture

Prof. Austin is a recognized leader in the area of computer architecture research.

Two Michigan papers win top awards at IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium

One of the paper describes and demonstrates a malicious hardware backdoor. The other demonstrated security failings in a commercial smart home platform.

Relationship with Ethiopia’s Addis Ababa Institute of Technology Grows with Research Exchange Program

Under a new pilot program, three U-M CSE graduate students traveled to Ethiopia for one month to bootstrap research projects with current AAiT students.

Future Scientists Tour CSE

A group of preschoolers get an early look at the world of CSE.

Four CSE Faculty Selected for 2014-15 College of Engineering Awards

Congratulations to the following CSE Faculty recipients of 2014-15 College of Engineering Awards.

New $28M Center will develop computers of 2025

Todd Austin Receives A. Richard Newton GSRC Industrial Impact Award for 2012

Todd Austin and colleague author new edition of book on structured computer organization

Faculty Help Build Program, Relationship With Addis Ababa Institute of Technology in Ethiopia

Jason Clemons Receives NVIDIA Graduate Fellowship

Joe Greathouse Wins Best Student Presentation Award at CGO 2011 Conference

2009 College of Engineering Awards

Austin and Blaauw Receive 2008 Richard Newton GSRC Industrial Impact Award

The award recognized research that is “at least five years old and has had significant industrial impact.”