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Roya Ensafi

The Economist: October 22, 2021

Governments are finding new ways to squash free expression online

Work by Prof. Roya Ensafi and the Censored Planet Lab has helped to identify the use of new censorship technology in Russia.
New York Times: October 22, 2021

Russia Is Censoring the Internet, With Coercion and Black Boxes

Work by Prof. Roya Ensafi and the Censored Planet Lab was cited in a New York Times report on the growing use of new censorship technology in Russia

Her fight for your rights

Could censorship end the internet as we know it? Not if Roya Ensafi can help it.
Newsweek: June 9, 2021

Trump Says More Countries Should Ban Twitter: ‘Perhaps I Should Have Done It While I Was President’

In this article, Prof. Roya Ensafi comments on how the June 2018 repeal of net neutrality in the U.S. has set the stage for potentially blocking websites nationwide.
Bloomberg: May 5, 2021

Putin Finds Ally in China’s TikTok in Crackdown on Critics

Russia is now pioneering a “landmark” approach to censorship that relies on both pressuring platforms to police their own content and an innovative use of technology to ensure they comply, according to Roya Ensafi, the founder of the Censored Planet lab.
The Record: April 8, 2021

Academics: Russia deployed new technology to throttle Twitter’s traffic

The Censored Planet project, from the lab of Prof. Roya Ensafi, published a study explaining some of the details about the slowdown of Twitter in Russia.

Censored Planet: Tracking internet censorship without on-the-ground participation

Censored Planet is releasing technical details for other researchers and for activists.

CSE researchers report over $11M in research grants last quarter

The awards were distributed to 18 different primary investigators.
Financial Times: October 13, 2020

US blocks Hong Kong users from some government websites

Sites hosting economic data have been inaccessible to users in the Asian financial centre for months, according to work by Prof. Roya Ensafi and her Censored Planet team.

Roya Ensafi named inaugural Consumer Reports Digital Lab Fellow

The new fellowship program was designed to study the effects of connected products and services.

CSE researchers help organize 10th anniversary workshop on internet freedom

Prof. Roya Ensafi and PhD candidate Reethika Ramesh led organizing efforts for USENIX’s Tenth Workshop on Free and Open Communications on the Internet.

Real-time monitor tracks the growing use of network filters for censorship

The team says their framework can scalably and semi-automatically monitor the use of filtering technologies for censorship at global scale.
Associated Press: November 7, 2019

Study: Russia’s web-censoring tool sets pace for imitators

New research by Prof. Roya Ensafi sheds light on the implications of this technology.

How Russia’s online censorship could jeopardize internet freedom worldwide

The nation is using inexpensive commodity equipment to block 170K domains on more than 1K privately-owned ISPs.

Best paper award for analysis of a decade of malware reports

The research suggests that common blacklist-based prevention systems are ineffective.

Online censorship detector aims to make the internet a freer place

Censored Planet could provide new insight into the flow of online information

Study reveals new data on region-specific website blocking practices

A team of researchers unearthed new data on geographic denial of access to web content in a new paper.

Three CSE faculty selected for Google Faculty Research Awards

Profs. Jia Deng, Roya Ensafi, and Manos Kapritsos have been selected to receive Google Faculty Research Awards.

Four New Faculty Join CSE

Meet the new arrivals.