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Mark Guzdial

December 2, 2021

Computer Science was always supposed to be taught to everyone, and it wasn’t about getting a job: A historical perspective

A popular blog post by Prof. Mark Guzdial explores the historical roots of computer science education.
Communications of the ACM: September 1, 2021

The Role of Computer Science in Elite Higher Education: Seeing the Expert Blind Spot

A CACM blog by Prof. Mark Guzdial discussing the role of CS in preparing elite scientists, engineers, and mathematicians.

How CS is changing education

Embedding coding into high school history class; building eBooks to broaden participation in computing; and rolling out digital tools for collaborative K-5 learning. Michigan researchers are taking on the big challenges to integrating computing into everyone’s education.

CSE researchers report over $11M in research grants last quarter

The awards were distributed to 18 different primary investigators.

Teaching CS in history class

Computing is a tool for getting things done. Let’s teach it that way.
Communications of the ACM: September 8, 2020

3 Proposals to Change How We Teach Computing In Order to Reduce Inequality

Online instruction is here, whether we’re ready or not. Prof. Mark Guzdial offers three proposals for reducing inequality in computing education amid these radical changes to teaching.

Learning the computational mindset – education researchers give perspective

The authors argue that modern children already think with computation after being shaped by the prolific digital tools that fill their lives
Communications of the ACM: October 18, 2019

If We Want Women to Persist in Computing, Teach Them Programming – At Any Age

Prof. Mark Guzdial writes about the need for early education if retention of women in CS is a goal.

Guzdial receives SIGCSE outstanding educator award

Guzdial is a leading expert in the field of computing education, and was one of its earliest researchers.

Transforming tools for some into a language for all

The efforts of computing education researcher Mark Guzdial span the challenges facing a young field

CSE welcomes 9 new faculty

Get to know the new arrivals.