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Christopher Peikert

CSE authors present six papers at MICRO 2021

12 co-authors had work accepted at the conference, including one Best Paper nominee.
Communications of the ACM: February 5, 2021

The Scramble for Post-Quantum Cryptography

The coming of quantum computers means that current encryption technology will be insufficient. Prof. Chris Peikert comments on the need for stronger post-quantum cryptography and the prospects for computing on encrypted data.

CSE researchers report over $11M in research grants last quarter

The awards were distributed to 18 different primary investigators.
The Wall Street Journal: October 8, 2020

The contest to protect almost everything on the internet

The world’s top cryptographers are competing to develop algorithms that can withstand attacks from an ultrafast quantum computer – and Prof. Chris Peikert made one of the top 15 contenders.

NIST finalists for post-quantum security standards include research results developed by Prof. Chris Peikert

A new secure code is needed to protect private information from the power of quantum computing.

Building a security standard for a post-quantum future

A large quantum computer could retroactively decrypt almost all internet communication ever recorded.

Chris Peikert Receives TCC Test of Time Award for work in lattice cryptography

Prof. Peikert and his co-author received the award at the Fifteenth Theory of Cryptography Conference for their paper on efficient collision-resistant hashing on cyclic lattices.

Chris Peikert named first-ever Patrick C. Fischer development professor

Peikert’s research is dedicated to developing new, stronger mathematical foundations for cryptography.

Eleven New Faculty Join CSE

We’re building a bigger, better CSE.