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Alanson Sample

Wireless electricity and safety: A Q&A with Alanson Sample

How the safety of a wireless charging room stacks up to that of a cell phone.
Fast Company: September 20, 2021

This magic room charges your phone as soon as you walk in

Prof. Alanson Sample discusses his new research, which created rooms with wireless electricity, enabling the use of lamps and fans and charging cells phones all without the need for power cords.
World Economic Form: September 1, 2021

This entire room has been turned into a giant wireless charger

Researchers including Prof. Alanson Sample have developed a system to safely deliver electricity over the air, a development that could potentially turn entire buildings into wireless charging zones.

Will power cords go the way of land lines?

Room-size charging system powers lights, phones, laptops without wires

Less nosy smart speakers

Technology could capture household information without recording speech.

Three CSE papers at CHI 2021 recognized with honorable mentions

The papers dealt with issues of accessibility, privacy, and consent in technology.

Jaylin Herskovitz selected for NSF Graduate Research Fellowship

Through her work in augmented reality, Jaylin hopes to improve the accessibility of emerging technologies for people with disabilities and expand access to computing.

Nine CSE graduate students recognized by NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program

The nine students represent a broad range of research areas in the department.

All things can be part of the Internet of Things with new RFID system

Sensing technology could keep seniors safe.

CSE welcomes 9 new faculty

Get to know the new arrivals.