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Alumni Awards

alumni award presentation
2023 CSE Alumni Merit Award winner Paul Debevec, second from left

Michigan Engineering has established a recognition program to honor those alumni who personify the College’s tradition of excellence. This program allows for a variety of recognitions at the College level and also allows each unit to recognize an outstanding alumnus each year.

For information about the alumni recognition program, or to nominate an alum for an award, visit the Michigan Engineering Alumni Awards page.

Below are past award recipients affiliated with CSE. Recent awards have been given to alumni chosen by CSE. Prior to 2007, merit awards were given by the EECS Department to an alumnus of the CS program. Before 2001, a single merit award was given each year by the EECS Department.

2023Paul Debevec (BSE CE 1992; BS Math 1992)CSE Merit Award
2022Rich Uhlig (BSE CE 1988; MSE PhD CSE 1993, 1995)CSE Merit Award
2021None awardedN/A
2020Bob Muglia (BS CCS 1981)CSE Merit Award
2019Smita Krishnaswamy (PhD CSE 2008)CSE Merit Award
2018Samuel Fuller (BSE EE 1968)CoE Alumni Medal
2018Tom Conrad (BSE CE 1992)CSE Merit Award
2017Kunle Olukotun (BSE EE 1985; MSE PhD CSE 1987, 1991)CSE Merit Award
2016Michael Stonebraker (MSE EE 1966; PhD CICE 1971)CoE Alumni Medal
2016Greg Joswiak (BSE CE 1996)CSE Merit Award
2015Garlin Gilchrist (BSE CE/CS 2005)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2015Michael Rhodin (BS CCS 1984)CSE Merit Award
2015Jon Oberheide (PhD CSE 2011)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2014Peter Lee (BS MS PhD CCS 1982, 1982, 1987) CSE Merit Award
2013Alan Steremberg (BSE CE 1994)CSE Merit Award
2012Krisztián Flauter (BSE CE 1996; MSE PhD CSE 1998, 2001)CSE Merit Award
2011Mark Abel (BSE EE 1979)CSE Merit Award
2010Nick Yang (BSE EE 1997)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2010Timothy Howes (BSE AERO 1985; MSE PhD CSE 1987, 1996)CSE Merit Award
2009Jerry Levin (BSE EE 1966; MSE Eng Math 1967)CoE Distinguished Service Award
2009Kevin O’Connor (BSE EE 1983)CoE Distinguished Service Award
2009Usama Fayyad (BSE CE, EE 1984;
MS Math 1989; MSE PhD CSE 1986, 1991)
CSE Merit Award
2008John Seely Brown (MS MATH 1964; PhD CCS 1972; HD SCD 2005)CoE Alumni Medal
2008Randal Bryant (BS Applied Math 1973)CSE Merit Award
2007Alan Steremberg (BSE CE 1994)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2007Nancy Benovich Gilby (BSE CE 1985; MSE CSE 1987)CSE Merit Award
2006Robert Scott (BSE CE 1975)CoE Distinguished Service Award
2006G. Robert Malan (MSE PhD CSE 1996, 2000)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2006Daniel Siewiorek (BSE EE 1968)CS Merit Award
2005Jennifer Rexford (MSE PhD CSE 1993, 1996)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2005John Sanguinetti (BS Applied Math 1970; MS PhD CCS 1971, 1977)CSE Merit Award
2004Tony Fadell (BSE CE 1991)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2004David Johns DeWitt (MSE PhD CICE 1971, 1976)CS Merit Award
2003Eric Aupperle (BSE EE/Eng Math 1957; MSE Nuc Eng 1958; IE Instru Eng 1964)CoE Alumni Medal
2003Michael Stonebraker (MSE EE 1966; PhD CICE 1971)CS Merit Award
2002Larry Page (BSE CE 1995)CoE Recent Alumni Award
2002Kevin O’Connor (BSE EE 1983)CS Merit Award
2001Bruce Nourse (BSE Science Eng 1964)CS Merit Award
2000Bill Joy (BSE CE 1975; HD Eng 2004)CoE Alumni Medal
2000Fred Gibbons (BSE Science Eng 1972; MSE CICE 1972)EECS Merit Award
1999James Mellor (BSE MSE EE 1952, 1954)CoE Alumni Medal
1999Bernard Lacroute (MSE EE 1967)EECS Merit Award
1998John Tishman (BSE EE 1946; HD Eng 2000)CoE Alumni Medal
1998Jerry Levin (BSE EE 1966; MSE Eng Math 1967)EECS Merit Award
1997Clement Arrison (BSE EE 1953)EECS Merit Award
1996David Liddle (BSE EE 1967)EECS Merit Award
1995Peter Fuss (BSE EE 1956)EECS Merit Award
1994David Messerschmitt (MS PhD CICE 1968, 1972)EECS Merit Award
1993Samuel Fuller (BSE EE 1968)EECS Merit Award
1992Joseph Rowe (BSE MSE PhD EE 1951, 1952, 1955; BSE Eng Math 1951EECS Merit Award