Graduate Honors Competition Award Recipients

2023 participants: Aditya Anand, Diwen Xue, Andrew McCrabb, CSE Chair Michael Wellman, Sarah Jabbour, and Jaylin Herskovitz

The CSE Graduate Honors Competition is a mini research symposium in which five doctoral student finalists, one from each area, make 15-minute presentations on their research. The presentations are judged by a panel including CSE faculty and corporate sponsor representatives.

The competition’s purpose is to recognize research of broad interest and exceptional quality being done by CSE’s graduate students. Each finalist receives a certificate of appreciation and a cash award.

2023Diwen XueMeasuring and Circumventing Nation-state Network Censorship
2022Kevin LoughlinMitigating Microarchitectural Vulnerabilities to Improve Reliability and Security in the Cloud
2021Nel EscherCod(e)ifying the Law
2020Yasha IravantchiPrivacyMic: Utilizing Inaudible Frequencies for Privacy Preserving Daily Activity Recognition
2019Andrew KwongRAMBleed: Reading Bits in Memory Without Accessing Them
2018Ofir WeisseForeshadow: Breaking the Virtual Memory Abstraction with Transient Out-of-Order Execution
2017Salessawi Ferede YitbarekAnalyzing and Enhancing the Security of Modern Memory Systems
2016Shaizeen AgaCompute Caches
2015Biruk MammoGetting Your Priorities Straight When Verifying Multicores
2014Bryce WiedenbeckAnalyzing Very Large Simulation-Based Games
2013Zakir DurumericZMap: Fast Internet-Wide Scanning and its Security Applications
2012Armin AlaghiEnhancing Vision via Stochastic Computing
2011Joseph GreathouseHardware Support for On-Demand Software Analysis
2010Feng QianiMAP: Intelligent Mobile Application Profiling Tool
2009Ganesh DasikaA Low-Power Supercomputer for Portable Medical Imaging