CSE Graduate Programs Office and CSEG host fall open house for students

Attendees gathered in Tischmann Hall for donuts, cider, and a pumpkin decorating contest.

On Friday, October 27th, the CSE Graduate Programs Office (GPO) and CSEG hosted a Fall Open House for graduate students to meet GPO staff and CSEG officers, enjoy some autumn snacks, and participate in seasonal activities including a raffle, trivia, and pumpkin decorating. 

Graduate students Steven Schaefer, Aina Zaidi, Jung Min Lee, Kevin Choong, and Lily Wang all took home prizes from the raffle while Gregory Croisdale won the CSEG trivia.

The GPO Pumpkin Decorating Contest included sixteen entries, with Aditya Anand winning the grand prize with the “Coded Pumpkin” submission.