CSE kicks off another summer of MiBytes Computer Camps

MiBytes was created to provide high school students with a hands-on introduction to computer science.

Students working at MiBytes 2016 Enlarge
Tinkering with Mobile Apps instructor and CSE lecturer, Marcus Darden, is helping campers with MIT App Inventor.

MiBytes, a series of summer computer camps hosted by CSE, has kicked off for summer 2016. This summer CSE has brought back all three camps: 5-day Tinkering with Mobile Apps, 5-day Game Design & Development, and 10-day Hacking in a Digital World. CSE lecturers Marcus Darden, Jeremy Bond, and Dr. Jeff Ringenberg are the instructors for the camps.

Alisha Patel working with students at MiBytes 2016 Enlarge
Student instructor, Alisha Patel, is helping two campers with their mobile apps.

MiBytes was created to provide high school students with a hands-on introduction to computer science. Computer science is an integral part of our lives and it shapes virtually everything from the objects around us to the ways in which we communicate, travel, work, and play. CSE believes that it is important for students to learn about CS at a young age, as it is now a key enabler for discovery and innovation.

The MiBytes program starts with Tinkering with Mobile Apps, which began on June 27th and ends July 1st. This camp is targeted to students who want to learn the basics of CS by building their own mobile app with MIT App Inventor.  The campers are brainstorming the app, creating the basic user interface, sensors, as well as other advanced features. On Thursday, June 30th the students had the opportunity to take a field trip to Barracuda Networks, which is a company in downtown Ann Arbor that provides security, networking, and storage products.

The Game Design and Development camp takes place July 11th-15th, and this session is for students who want an introduction to video game design. The students will use Unity, which is a cross-platform game engine, to learn about the process of game design. Campers will learn about creating and controlling characters, levels, weapons, and obstacles. On the last day of the camp, students will be able to learn about game schools as well as how to get into the game design industry.

The Hacking in a Digital World camp starts July 18th and will end on July 29th. This camp is directed towards students who are curious about a variety of computer science topics. Dr. Ringenberg, as well as a number of undergraduate computer science students, will guide the campers through mobile app development, robotics, and embedded systems.

The campers were also able to see real world applications of CS by visiting Arbor Networks and Maker Works. On the last day of the camp, the students will be able to display what they have learned to their parents and family at the camp expo.

CSE hopes that the MiByters campers will gain a better understanding of computer science and continue to learn more about it in the future.

MiBytes exposes students to the possibilities presented by a study of CS at the collegiate level through a range of engaging activities.
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