Three staff recognized with 2023 CSE Excellence ++ Award

These individuals provide the professionalism and insight that enable the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering.

The CSE Division is pleased to announce the winners of the 2023 CSE Staff Excellence++ Award. These individuals were chosen on the basis of their strong commitment, dependability, and extraordinary levels of contribution, and for their efforts to create a positive and inclusive culture in CSE, all of which are identified as criteria for nomination to this award.  

All three of these individuals have proven themselves integral to the efficient operation of one of the largest units at the College of Engineering, and in doing so have helped our community to thrive. The following are highlights from nominating materials supporting the three recipients.

Steve Crang


Over the years, Steve Crang has built strong, collaborative partnerships with both staff and faculty in CSE and others outside the division, leading to an overall more cohesive and efficient working environment for every office and a more connected CSE community. Under Steve’s guidance, the communications office has come to be a central tool for the rest of the department to utilize when web support, print or video materials, email and social media advertising, and general language crafting are needed. Steve’s collaborative approach to work extends outside the department as well. He maintains close working relationships with communicators at the many units with whom CSE has direct ties. This includes both the mundane, such as coordinating joint news announcements, and the highly involved, such as forming ad hoc multi-office committees in times of controversy or intense pressure. He is extremely committed to CSE’s cause.

Rose Sherry

Course Support

Rose lives the division’s HACKS values, and particularly shines in the areas of Cooperation and Service. One quick metric of the amazing service she provides and value she adds to CSE’s courses and student experience is the rapid growth of her team. Not long after Rose began her work with EECS 183: Elementary Programming Concepts, the teaching faculty collectively started clamoring for “more Roses.” In particular, for CSE students with accommodations from the Services for Students with Disabilities Office, Rose serves as a human connection within the course, working to ensure they have the accommodations they need. Similarly, for students experiencing life challenges, Rose keeps up with the students, monitoring their progress and situation, and helping identify resources for them. Moreover, she helps students feel seen, which can be a challenge in huge courses, but carries high value.

Joshua Zucal

Research Administration

Josh has been with CSE for almost 5 years, and throughout that time he has been an excellent research administrator, extremely reliable, and a valued member of the team. He has displayed an extreme attention to detail and thoroughness in his work. He took on a great deal of additional work following the departure of a colleague, and has been instrumental in helping to manage some of the department’s most complex grants. This year he also proactively created a deadline calculator within the research office’s budget spreadsheet to assist with managing proposal submissions. Josh is also the in-house Excel expert. He is always there to help whenever formulas aren’t working, or reconciliation spreadsheets need adjusting. He is also always one of the first to volunteer when a faculty member needs urgent help.

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