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AI’s Impact on Research

Chad Jenkins, Oren Etzioni, Dan Huttenlocher, Maria Klawe

The use of AI is only beginning to emerge in higher ed, but it has revolutionary potential, particularly with regard to research. AI’s unique ability to process large data sets, speed up responses, make predictions, and learn from its actions could transform how colleges manage their research-team operations and the way in which research itself is conducted. What could change as more and more colleges incorporate AI?

AI’s Impact on Research, the first virtual forum in a three-part series examining the impact of AI in higher ed, will bring together pre-eminent researchers, thought leaders, and practitioners, to answer the complicated questions those throughout higher ed are asking today.

  • How are the digital humanities going to be affected?
  • How can AI be integrated with other cutting-edge technologies to create new ways to analyze and view data?
  • What ethical questions does AI raise?

Panelists include:

  • Odest Chadwicke Jenkins, a professor of computer science and engineering, director of the Laboratory for Perceptive Robotics and Grounded Reasoning Systems, and associate director of the Michigan Robotics Institute at the University of Michigan
  • Oren Etzioni, chief executive officer at Allen Institute for AI
  • Dan Huttenlocher, dean of the Schwarzman College of Computing at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Maria Klawe, president of Harvey Mudd College


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