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William Aerts

Aerts, William

Deputy Director, Archimedes Center
Email: Phone: Off-siteOffice: Off-site
Ashley Andreae

Andreae, Ashley

CSE Graduate Programs Coordinator
Email: Phone: 734-647-1807Office: 3909A Beyster
Mazin Assanie

Assanie, Mazin

AI Research Computer Specialist
Email: Phone: 763-0150Office: 3844 Beyster Bldg.
Hugh Battley

Battley, Hugh

DCO Systems Administrator
Email: Phone: (734) 763-9351Office: 2917 Beyster Bldg.
Donna Bender

Bender, Donna

Director of Strategic Initiatives, Computer Science & Engineeringshe/her/hers
Email: Office: Off-Site
Taylor Bruns

Bruns, Taylor

CSE Undergrad Academic Advisorshe/her/hers
Email: Office: 2808 Beyster
Aurelia Bunescu

Bunescu, Aurelia

CSE Research Area Specialist
Email: Phone: 734-647-1098Office: 3909-B Beyster
Ava Burnham

Burnham, Ava

ADA Web/Media Administrator
Email: Office: Working off-site
Magdalena Calvillo

Calvillo, Magdalena

CSE Special Projects Manager
Email: Phone: 734-936-8875Office: 4808 Beyster
Christa Carr

Carr, Christa

CSE Administrative Assistant Sr.
Email: Office: Working off-site
Zach Champion

Champion, Zach

CSE Marketing Coordinatorhe/him/his
Email: Phone: 734-615-3495Office: 3832 Beyster
Kimberly Clark

Clark, Kimberly

CSE Administrative Assistant to the Chair
Email: Phone: 734-764-8504Office: 3717 Beyster Bdlg.
Yolonda Coleman

Coleman, Yolonda

CSE Administrative Assistant Senior
Email: Phone: (734) 764-1688Office: 3820 Beyster Bldg.
Liat Copel

Copel, Liat

CDC Education Administrator
Email: Office: 2912 Beyster
Kelly Cormier

Cormier, Kelly

Director of Operations, Computer Science and Engineeringshe/her/hers
Email: Phone: (734) 764-8505Office: 3705 Beyster Bldg.
Diane Crang

Crang, Diane M.S.

CSE Administrative Assistantshe/her/hers
Email: Phone: 734-764-4343Office: 3816 Beyster Bldg.
Steve Crang

Crang, Steve

Manager, CSE Communications & Marketinghe/him/his
Email: Phone: (734) 763-9996Office: 3832 Beyster Bldg.
Denise DuPrie

DuPrie, Denise

CSE Financial Specialist
Email: Office: Working off-site
Shelby Eddy

Eddy, Shelby

CSE Undergrad Academic Advisorshe/her/hers
Email: Office: 2808 Beyster
Shannon Escobar (McCaulley)

Escobar (McCaulley), Shannon

CSE Course Support
Cindy Estell

Estell, Cindy A.

CSE Faculty Affairs Coordinator
Email: Phone: (734) 764-6744Office: 3816 Beyster Bldg.
Laura Fink

Fink, Laura

Lead Operating Systems Admin.
Email: Phone: (734) 936-2978Office: 2917 Beyster Bldg.
Chris Firlik

Firlik, Chris

CSE Undergraduate Advising Office Coordinatorshe/her/hers
Email: Phone: 734-763-6612Office: 2808 Beyster Bldg
Therese Foran

Foran, Therese

CSE Research Administration Managershe/her/hers
Email: Phone: 734-647-5639Office: 3808 Beyster
Sylvia Galaty

Galaty, Sylvia

CSE Financial Aid Coordinatorshe/her/hers
Email: Office: Working off-site
Jamie Goldsmith

Goldsmith, Jamie

CSE Purchasing Assistant
Email: Phone: 734-763-4921Office: 4808 Beyster Bldg.
Li Harper

Harper, Li

CSE Undergraduate Academic Advisorthey/them/theirs
Email: Phone: RemoteOffice: Remote
Erika Hauff

Hauff, Erika

CSE Research Manager
Email: Phone: 734-647-4895Office: 3808 Beyster
Jacob Hayward

Hayward, Jacob

EECS Applications Programmer Leadhe/him/his
Email: Phone: (734) 763-9351Office: 2917 Beyster Bldg.
Parker Hill

Hill, Parker

Desktop Support Specialist
Email: Office: 2917 Beyster
Stephanie Jones

Jones, Stephanie

ADA Project Manager
George Kroslak

Kroslak, George

DCO Senior Research Computer Analyst
Email: Phone: (734) 764-5543Office: 2917 Beyster
Yili Lin

Lin, Yili

CSE Undergraduate Advising Office Assistant
Email: Office: 2808 Beyster
Karen Liska

Liska, Karen

CSE Human Resources Coordinator
Email: Phone: 734-647-4255Office: 3709 Beyster
Jonathan Merrill

Merrill, Jonathan

CSE DEI Program Manager
Joshua Meyer

Meyer, Joshua

CSE Applications Developer
Email: Phone: 734-763-6985Office: 2912 Beyster
Somayeh Molaei

Molaei, Somayeh

CSE Research Area Specialist
Email: Office: 4808 Beyster
Sarah Pena

Pena, Sarah

CSE Human Resources & Finance Professional
Email: Phone: 734-747-1225Office: Off-site
James Perretta

Perretta, James

CSE Instructional Learning Senior
Email: Office: 2917 Beyster Bldg.
Chris Puzzuoli

Puzzuoli, Chris

EECS Web Software Developer
Email: Phone: (734) 763-6323Office: 4316 EECS
Linda Randolph

Randolph, Linda K

DCO Senior Computing ConsultantSystem Administrator Senior
Email: Phone: (734) 764-3304Office: 4401 EECS
Stephen Reger

Reger, Stephen

CSE Purchasing Lead
Email: Phone: (734) 764-9401Office: 4808 Beyster Bldg.
Brian Rice

Rice, Brian

CSE Facilities Coordinator
Email: Phone: (734) 764-2132Office: 3965A Beyster Bldg.
Kelly Sabo

Sabo, Kelly

Archimedes Operations and Member Support Manager
Email: Office: Off-site
Bobbi Scheffer

Scheffer, Bobbi

EECS Instructional Laboratory Support
Email: Phone: (734) 647-1748Office: 4316 EECS
Stephanie (O

Shephard, Stephanie (O’Keefe)

CSE Research Specialistshe/her/hers
Email: Office: Working off-site
Rose Sherry

Sherry, Rose

CSE Course Support
Email: Phone: 734-647-1581Office: 3909-B Beyster
Sonya Siddique

Siddique, Sonya

CSE Graduate Programs Office Assistant
Email: Phone: 734-647-8047Office: 3909 Beyster Bldg.
Matthew Smith

Smith, Matthew

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceSenior Engineer
Email: Phone: (734) 763-8164Office: 3122 EECS
Sarah Snay

Snay, Sarah

DEI Administrative Staffshe/her/hers
Jack Stewart

Stewart, Jack

CSE Research Administrator
Email: Phone: 734-647-8221Office: 3808 Beyster
Glenn Tarcea

Tarcea, Glenn

Research Computer Specialist
Email: Phone: (734) 763-2548Office: 4609 Beyster Bldg.
Obioha Unaeze

Unaeze, Obioha

CSE Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Email: Office: 2808 Beyster
Joel VanLaven

VanLaven, Joel

EDA/ECAD Software Administrator
Email: Phone: (734) 764-6570Office: 4401 EECS
Melissa Vaquera

Vaquera, Melissa

CSE Research Administrator
Email: Phone: 734-936-2495Office: 3808 Beyster
Punam Vyas

Vyas, Punam

EECS Course Scheduling Coordinator
Email: Phone: ECE: (734) 647-1754Office: 3415-C EECS
Danielle Williams

Williams, Danielle

CSE Undergraduate Advising Office Assistant
Email: Phone: (734) 763-6563Office: 2808 Beyster
Donald Winsor

Winsor, Donald C.

Departmental Computing Organization CoordinatorAdjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciencehe/him/his
WebsiteEmail: Phone: (734) 764-8543Office: 4403 EECS
Elizabeth Zaenger

Zaenger, Elizabeth

DCO Senior Systems Administrator
Email: Phone: (734) 647-1822Office: 4403 EECS
Joshua Zucal

Zucal, Joshua

CSE Research Administrator
Email: Phone: (734) 764-9702Office: 3808 Beyster