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Our Values

CSE’s values are central to who we are. They guide us in accomplishing our mission and realizing our vision for the future. Acting in accordance with our values strengthens our community.


Conduct ourselves with integrity and communicate with transparency and authenticity.


Strive for academic excellence and celebrate personal and collective efforts and accomplishments.


Collaborate in work and learning, promote inclusion and mutual respect, encourage diverse perspectives, and look after each other.


Protect academic freedom, advance learning and scientific progress, and cultivate wisdom.


Contribute to the well-being of our community and global society.

CSE’s mission

This is why we’re here.

CSE’s mission is to shape the future of computing and benefit the world through excellence in education and research.

CSE’s vision

We aspire to do even more.

Our vision is to lead in computing, support a welcoming community, and empower every individual to reach their full potential.

Together we advance

CSE is a member of the larger College of Engineering and University of Michigan communities. Our mission, vision, and values are in harmony with and in support of the College and the University mission and goals.