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Student Groups and Teams

Clubs, teams, and more chances to explore

Students at CSE are driven by a commitment to serve the common good through solutions that push the bounds of what is possible. Extracurricular programs available through the department, college, and university reinforce this commitment based on the belief that innovation is born out of exploration. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check out the U-M Maize Pages for more club and event listings.

Student groups and clubs

Alternate Reality Initiative
Fostering the next generation of XR innovators at U-M and in the Midwest

Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Student Organization

Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Eta Kappa Nu – Honor Society for Electrical and Computer Engineers

Michigan AI Safety Initiative
Dedicated to positively shaping the development of advanced AI, with a focus on preventing catastrophes.

Michigan EcoData
Focuses on environmental and ecological conservation with the help of innovations in technology and data

Michigan Hackers
Programmers who like to build and break technology

Michigan Student Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a student organization for discussion of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Tech for Social Good
An organization for people who want to advocate for social justice causes through the lens of working in technology.

Through meaningful conversations, interactive activities, and workshops, VoiCSEs creates welcoming environments where graduate students in CSE feel comfortable, supported, and empowered to take charge of their own growth and learning

Wolverine Soft
Video game development

Competitive teams

Michigan Aeronautical Science Association
Learn the basics of rocketry while getting hands-on exposure to the design, build, and test phases of engineering.

Michigan Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
Design, manufacture, program, and test every aspect of a small, autonomous drone.

Michigan Baja Racing
Design and build for an off-road racecar competition series.

Michigan Data Science Team
Compete against professional and amateur data scientists from around the world in online prediction challenges.

Michigan Mars Rover
Design and build a rover for the exploration of extraterrestrial environments.

Michigan RoboSub
Design and build an autonomous robotic submarine.

Design and demonstrate an unmanned aerial system capable of autonomous flight and navigation and execution of challenge tasks.

MRacing Formula SAE
Build formula-style racecars for entry in a collegiate motorsport racing series.

Solar Car Team
Design, build, and race the world’s fastest solar cars.

SPARK Electric Racing
Design and build a race-ready electric motorbike.

Design and build a robotic exoskeleton.

UMARV – Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Team
Build an autonomous vehicle, with plans to expand to compact, street legal, federally-compliant, fully autonomous cars.

Design and build a fully autonomous marine vehicle.

University of Michigan Electric Boat Team
Develop, iterate, and compete with an electric boat to push the limits of technology and performance.

Breadth opportunities

Immersed experiential learning

Look into a number of design, team, business, artistic, and socially focused projects to take your education out of the classroom.

Michigan Engineering Immersed >

Opportunities abroad

Get hands-on experience with engineering projects around the globe.

International Programs in Engineering (IPE)>

Center for Global and Intercultural Study (CGIS)>

M-Compass >

Business and entrepreneurship

Turn your ideas into innovative projects ready for the market.

Center for Entrepreneurship >

Innovate Blue >