PhDs and postdocs on the job market

Javad Bagherzadeh
Javad BagherzadehPostdoctoral ResearcherWebsiteExpertise: FPGA Design, RTL Design, Novel Architectures, 3D computer chips, ReliabilityDissertation topic: Novel architectures and design technologies for reliable computing and experimental 3D computer chipsPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Ronald DreslinskiExpected date available: 12/31/2020
Anindya Das Antar
Anindya Das AntarPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computational Modeling, Patient Behavior Modeling, HCI, Applied MLDissertation topic: Behavior-based Healthcare Interventions Utilizing Computational ModelingPreferred employment: Academia, Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Nikola BanovicExpected date available: 05/03/2024
Peter Lindes
Peter LindesPhD CandidateExpertise: AI, cognitive modeling, language comprehensionDissertation topic: A computational model of human language comprehensionPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: John LairdExpected date available: 06/30/2021
Lajanugen Logeswaran
Lajanugen LogeswaranPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language ProcessingDissertation topic: Text Understanding from Limited Supervision: Representation Learning, Transfer Learning and Few-shot LearningPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Honglak LeeExpected date available: 04/30/2021
Aditya Modi
Aditya ModiPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Reinforcement Learning, Machine learning, Statistical learning theoryDissertation topic: Utilizing Structure for Efficient Exploration in Reinforcement Learning: Contextual, Multi-task and Representation LearningPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Satinder Baveja, Ambuj TewariExpected date available: 08/30/2021
Sung Park
Sung ParkPhD CandidateExpertise: Compiler, System for MLDissertation topic: Compiler Auto-tuning for Code OptimizationPreferred employment: Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Scott MahlkeExpected date available: 05/30/2021
Janarthanan Rajendran
Janarthanan RajendranPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Reinforcement Learning and Deep LearningPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Satinder SinghExpected date available: 04/30/2021
Jie Song
Jie SongPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Dataset search, data mashup, data integration, entity matching, data quality, data provenance, data documentation, data reproducibilityDissertation topic: Facilitating Location and Use of Socio-economic Data with Minimal User InterventionPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: H. V. JagadishExpected date available: 04/30/2021
Ian Stewart
Ian StewartPostdoctoral ResearcherWebsiteExpertise: natural language processingDissertation topic: Computational approaches to sociolinguistic variation in online discussionsPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Rada MihalceaExpected date available: 09/01/2022
Ryan Szeto
Ryan SzetoPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Computer vision, video inpainting, generative video models, deep learning, machine learningDissertation topic: Instance-Tailored Generative Models for Video InpaintingPreferred employment: Industry or GovernmentAdvisor: Jason J. CorsoExpected date available: 05/31/2021
Jed Yang
Jed YangPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Robot NLP, Multimodal Machine LearningPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Joyce ChaiExpected date available: 08/01/2025

Karthik Desingh
Postdoctoral researcher
Areas of expertise: Robotics, Computer Vision, AI
Dissertation topic: Efficient Belief Propagation for Perception and Manipulation in Clutter
Preferred employment: Academia; Industry or Government
Advisor: Chad Jenkins (Ph.D. advisor), Dieter Fox (Posdoc advisor)
End of appointment: 6/13/2022

Marlena Duda
PhD candidate
Areas of expertise: Time Series methods, machine learning, fMRI, dynamic functional connectivity
Dissertation topic: Informed Segmentation Approaches for Dynamic Functional Connectivity Estimation
Preferred employment: Academia; Industry or Government
Advisor: Danai Koutra and Chandra Sripada
Expected date available: 7/17/2021

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