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Tim Baker
Tim BakerPhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: probabilistic modeling, machine learning, Monte Carlo simulation, computer engineeringDissertation topic: On the Role of Correlation in Stochastic Computing DesignPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: John P. HayesExpected date available: 05/31/2023
Lauren Biernacki
Lauren BiernackiPhD Candidateshe/herWebsiteExpertise: Security and Computer ArchitecturePreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Todd AustinExpected date available: 04/28/2023
Santiago Castro Serra
Santiago Castro SerraPhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: Video Understanding, Zero-Shot Learning, Natural Language ProcessingPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Rada MihalceaExpected date available: 08/31/2023
John Chung
John ChungPhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: human-computer interaction, interfaces, AI, natural language processingDissertation topic: Artistic Expressions for AI-powered Creativity Support ToolsPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Eytan AdarExpected date available: 05/31/2023
Meron Demissie
Meron DemissiePhD CandidateShe,Her,HersWebsiteExpertise: Computer SecurityDissertation topic: Privacy Enhanced ComputingPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. Todd AustinExpected date available: 03/30/2022
Cristina Garbacea
Cristina GarbaceaPhD Candidateshe, her, hersWebsiteExpertise: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language ProcessingDissertation topic: Natural Language Generation for Content Adaptation: Methods and EvaluationPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. Qiaozhu MeiExpected date available: 04/28/2023
Rebecca Krosnick
Rebecca KrosnickPhD Candidateshe/herWebsiteExpertise: human-computer interaction, programming tools, end-user programming, web automation, user interfacesDissertation topic: Studying and designing tools for developers and end-users to create UI automation macrosPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Steve OneyExpected date available: 09/01/2023
Matt Perez
Matt PerezPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Speech analysis, computational paralinguistics, affective computingDissertation topic: Speech-Based Biomarkers for Characterizing Neurological DisordersPreferred employment: IndustryExpected date available: 12/06/2023
Preeti Ramaraj
Preeti RamarajPhD Candidateshe/herWebsiteExpertise: Human-Robot Interaction; Cognitive Architectures; Human Participant Studies; Artificial IntelligenceDissertation topic: A Systematic Study of Robot Strategies towards Improved Interaction in ITLPreferred employment: Industry, Postdoc/Research Staff in AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. John E. LairdExpected date available: 08/31/2023
Harisankar Sadasivan
Harisankar SadasivanPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Software-hardware co-design and HPC for healthcarePreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Prof. Satish NarayanasamyExpected date available: 05/01/2023
Yongzhao Wang
Yongzhao WangPhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: Multi-agent Learning; Computational game theory; Artificial Intelligence.Dissertation topic: Multi-agent Learning by Iterative Refinement of Game ModelsPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Michael P. WellmanExpected date available: 04/30/2023
Jed Yang
Jed YangPhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Robot NLP, Multimodal Machine LearningPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Joyce ChaiExpected date available: 08/01/2025