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Santiago Castro Serra
Santiago Castro Serra PhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: Video Understanding, Zero-Shot Learning, Natural Language ProcessingPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Rada MihalceaExpected date available: 08/31/2023
Meron Demissie
Meron Demissie PhD CandidateShe,Her,HersWebsiteExpertise: Computer SecurityDissertation topic: Privacy Enhanced ComputingPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. Todd AustinExpected date available: 12/30/2026
Timothy Dunn
Timothy Dunn PhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: Bioinformatics, Machine Learning, DNA Sequencing, Computational Biology, AlgorithmsDissertation topic: New computing solutions for long-read sequencing applicationsPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Satish NarayanasamyExpected date available: 04/30/2024
Katherine Mayo
Katherine Mayo PhD Candidateshe/her/hersWebsiteExpertise: Computational Finance, Agent Based Modeling, Game Theory, Machine LearningDissertation topic: A Strategic Agent-Based Analysis of Economic and Technological Changes in Financial NetworksPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Michael WellmanExpected date available: 05/01/2024
Matt Perez
Matt Perez PhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Speech analysis, computational paralinguistics, affective computingDissertation topic: Speech-Based Biomarkers for Characterizing Neurological DisordersPreferred employment: IndustryExpected date available: 12/06/2023
Amir Rahimi
Amir Rahimi Postdoctoral Researcherthey/themWebsiteExpertise: Decentralized Problems of Discrete-event SystemsDissertation topic: Decentralized Problems of Discrete-Event Systems: Epistemic Reasoning and Graph RepresentationPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. Karen RudieExpected date available: 12/31/2024
Ram Sundara Raman
Ram Sundara Raman PhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: Network Security, Network Privacy, Internet MeasurementsDissertation topic: Global, Longitudinal, and Data-Driven Investigation of Internet RestrictionsPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Prof. Roya EnsafiExpected date available: 04/30/2024
Shengpu Tang
Shengpu Tang PhD Candidatehe/him/hisWebsiteExpertise: Reinforcement Learning, Machine Learning for HealthcareDissertation topic: Towards Clinically Applicable Reinforcement LearningPreferred employment: AcademiaAdvisor: Jenna WiensExpected date available: 04/30/2024
Jed Yang
Jed Yang PhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Robot NLP, Multimodal Machine LearningPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Joyce ChaiExpected date available: 08/01/2025
Xumiao Zhang
Xumiao Zhang PhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Systems and NetworkingDissertation topic: Characterizing and Improving Next-Generation Network Infrastructures and ApplicationsPreferred employment: Industry or AcademiaAdvisor: Z. Morley MaoExpected date available: 12/06/2023
Jiong Zhu
Jiong Zhu PhD CandidateWebsiteExpertise: Graph Neural Networks, Large Language Models, Recommendation SystemsDissertation topic: Advancing Graph Neural Networks for Complex Data: A Perspective Beyond HomophilyPreferred employment: IndustryAdvisor: Danai KoutraExpected date available: 05/30/2024