MIDAS Seminar

Annual Ethical AI Symposium 2024

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With each passing day, AI technologies play a more and more prominent role in our lives. AI is transforming fields including healthcare, business, science, art, technology, transportation, and more. It is reaching into nearly every aspect of our broader society. Ensuring that we are developing, deploying, and evaluating AI applications ethically and responsibly is imperative — as is providing equal access to these tools.

Amid the current AI boom, researchers, industry leaders, and policymakers need to work together to identify the best practices for studying, developing, and regulating AI in a responsible and ethical manner. MIDAS is excited to be partnering with Rocket Companies to host experts from academia, the private sector, and government, as well as U-M researchers and Future Leaders Summit attendees to showcase their research, discuss important research opportunities and identify gaps, and foster collaborations that will help inform a more responsible, ethical, and accessible future for AI in our society.

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