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CRO+MA Lab Research Showcase


You're invited to the CRO+MA Lab Research Showcase!

Come see student-led HCI research at the Crowds and Machines (CRO+MA) Lab Research Showcase. There will be posters and demos of cutting edge research, as well as opportunities to network, forge new collaborations, and learn more about undergraduate research opportunities in the CRO+MA Lab.

Undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty are encouraged to attend.

About the CRO+MA Lab:
Our lab conducts research on "hybrid" intelligence (Human-AI) systems and human-AI teams. Our interactive systems and algorithms help solve problems that neither humans or computers can solve alone by leveraging the strengths of both. Our research spans Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), machine learning, reinforcement learning, interactive learning, developer tools, real-time collaboration, accessibility for people with disabilities, and natural language processing.

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Faculty Host

Walter Lasecki