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Entrepreneurship Hour: Entrepreneurship in a Changing Technology Environment

Phil WilmingtonCo-President of PeopleSoft, Inc. and Chairman & CEO of OutlookSoft Corp.

Phil Wilmington, President & Chief Executive Officer of OutlookSoft, is tasked with overseeing the strategic direction of the company with a focus on the continued expansion of the business. Phil joins OutlookSoft from PeopleSoft, where his tenure spanned more than twelve years, during which time he helped drive the company's growth from $25 million to more than $2.7 billion in revenues. At PeopleSoft, Phil held the position of co-President, leading worldwide field operations. Previously, he served as PeopleSoft's Executive Vice President of the Americas responsible for all aspects of product sales, service, support, and business alliances. Phil has spent the past 16 years in executive field management and brings more than 20 years of technology experience to OutlookSoft. He received his bachelor's degree in marketing and business administration from Bradley University.

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