Theory Seminar

Exploration of Bell test experiments for building an untrusted-device quantum number generator

Wei-Zung ChangPostdocUniversity of Michigan

Based on the idea of "universal security for randomness expansion from the spot-checking protocol" proposed by Carl and Yaoyun in 2014 that Bell inequality violations can be used to achieve full security, it becomes essential to examine the gap between the physical realization and theory, and thus to develop a better way from both sides to meet the goal. However, it has been highly challenging to build a well-defined Bell test-type experimental setup over 80 years. So the concept, the progress and the challenges of the previous experiments for Bell test will be addressed in this seminar. Our experimental setup will also be presented.

Our current experimental goal is to build a prototype of the seeded untrusted-device quantum number generator. After such a prototype is built and tested, additional experiments using the prototype will be conducted for unbounded randomness, untrusted-device quantum key distribution, and seedless quantum number generator.

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