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MIDAS mini-symposium | AI-driven Research Workflows

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Significant advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), including Generative AI, and the hardware and software research environment are enabling researchers to develop AI-driven research workflows (ARWs): AI and Generative AI for hypothesis generation, experimental design and monitoring, as well as data acquisition, processing and analytics. Such ARWs will not only significantly accelerate research, but also enable new research possibilities.

In January, 2023, MIDAS organized an ARW mini-symposium. Experts who are leading this trend nationwide presented their vision and effort to develop and employ ARWs. U-M faculty members and the speakers also participated in intensive research roundtable discussions on the potential of ARWs in various research domains.

The upcoming mini-symposium will feature U-M faculty members who have developed and embedded AI-driven components in their research workflows. Their ingenious work will form the basis of faculty roundtable discussions focusing on identifying particularly impactful ways to employ AI in the research workflows, developing plans and collaboration to build such AI-driven workflow components.

All are welcome to attend the featured speaker presentations. Faculty members who are interested in using ARWs for their research are strongly encouraged to also attend the research roundtable. Sign-up is strongly encouraged for both activities.

*Please note that photography will be in use during this event. If you do not wish to have your photo published, please pick up a red lanyard during check-in.